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Since my last major show, I have been developing two bodies of work: one focused on migration and the other, a multi-piece installation entitled Perennial Variation which examines the formal aspects of painting.


Migration Paintings

The concept of migration has been a part of my consciousness since a very young age as both of my parents immigrated from Europe around the time of WWII (my father from Ireland and my mother from Italy). Their stories, along with those of other relatives, and combined with imagery of migratory animals, are the basis for the paintings found here. Perhaps there is a migration story in your family? Most us have one to tell. By uncovering these stories we begin to learn about how we are connected to each other and to all creatures near and far.

Unaccompanied Crossings
Thoughts and Prayers
Peopled by Absneces
The Circuitous Route Home

Perennial Variation

These vertical paintings explore the characteristics and qualities that are the essence of painting. Inspired by flowers, these images form the foundation for the Perennial Variation project. Plans are to show the entire group  ( 32 images in the series) as an installation, each panel measuring 24”h x 12”w, in a space conducive to viewing the whole body of work at once. Stay tuned.

Perennial Variation Series
Perennial Variation Series
Perennial Variation Series
Perennial Variation Series