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Oil on Panel

with Musical Scores

Preparing the panel, affixing the musical score, mixing the colors, applying the paint, building the layers, sanding them away – this is my process.  Throughout my life in music, I have collected old scores, many having been discarded by musicians I have known and worked with over the years.  After applying the sheet music to a gessoed panel, I built up layer upon layer of paint and through a process of scraping, sanding and repainting, develop a surface texture, composition and color that make reference to the natural world, ever-mindful of the inherent sensual qualities of paint.


Seeking the balance between the real and the imagined, the vast and intimate, the illusion and the tangible, motivates me.  


From Bone to Ash to Air
Degrees of Separation
The Blue Lesson
With Richest Fluency
I Dreamt of Rain
With Unmeasured Cadence
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